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“为普通大众打造一款人人能负担得起的、比燃油车还好用的纯电动汽车。这将是一款颠覆汽车产业的产品”。 ——马斯克,CEO,特斯拉


All right. Hi everyone. For those that are watching this online, a couple of things I wanna point out before we are going through the presentation. The projector that is producing that image is powered by a Model S. There are no wires. That is a projector on a Model S with the energy coming from the battery pack. That is what’s producing that image. That is the factory. That is actually part of the factory. That is not a screen. And people in the audience are the people that have designed and engineered and built the Model 3. (欢呼)


Let’s talk about what goes into making the Model 3. Let’s start off with the design. Congratulations to the design team who has done a phenomenal job. I enjoyed working with you every week. You guys are amazing. Nice work! (欢呼) There are many elements of the design. It’s difficult actually to say exactly what makes it good, but except that we agonize over every curve, over every detail, every corner, every element of the interior and the exterior, including things that people probably won’t even notice. We care about every part of it. We think it was very simple and clean design. 


I think in the future, well, really, the future being now (未来已来!), that the cars will be increasingly autonomous.  So you won’t really need to look at an extra panel all that often.  You will be able to do whatever you want. You will be able to watch a movie, talk to friends, to go to sleep. Every Tesla being produced right now, the Model 3, the Model S and Model X has all of the hardware necessary for full autonomy. I think a lot of people still don’t realize that. It’s got 8 cameras, it’s got 12 ultrasonic sonars, it’s got forward radar, and it’s got over 10 teraflops of computing capability.


Let’s look at the interior. One of the challenges with the car was since it is smaller than Model S, how do we make a car that is smaller on the outside but bigger on the inside. We took an idea from Model X which was the canopy screen that makes you feel like you are, in the Model X, makes you feel like flying a helicopter. It really has the amazing feel. We turned that around put that on the rear of the Model 3, so that you can still have great deal of headroom, have this amazing view while being in a smaller car. It’s one of the toughest design challenges of making the Model 3.


Then in terms of engineering the car, we engineered it a lot easier to build. The Model S is an amazing car, but very hard to build. So we have to get the part count down, the design has to be light but also make it affordable. The team has done an amazing job of that. With this, what really shows up is things like safety. Let’s take a look at the safety video. On the right you got a car that is one of the safest car in the world, the Volvo S60. (欢呼声) There are a lot of cars that say they are 5 star, and they are sort of 5 star. They are not scientific metric, but even though they are something like the Volvo, great car. By normal standard, it’s very safe. The Volvo is, I agree, the second safest car in the world (笑声,Volvo躺枪). I think it is obvious which car you would prefer to be in in an accident. So the first and foremost for the engineering of the car was safety.

下面我们看下3系车型的工程设计,3系的设计更加容易生产。S系是一款非常出色的车,但是生产起来比较难。我们把车的部件减少,我们既保证了3系的设计轻盈,同时又保证它是一款经济车型,我们的团队在这点上做得非常好。与此同时,安全是另一个亮点。下面我们看一个安全性测试视频。视频上右侧的车是世界上最安全的车之一,Volvo S60。有很多车在安全上称作5星,但是这些所谓的五星并没有科学的评判,即使这些车从常规的角度上看是很不错的车,其中不乏像沃尔沃这样的车。不过我也同时同意沃尔沃是世界上第二安全的车。我想很明显如果有交通事故大家都希望开的是什么车。对于车辆的工程设计来说安全是最首要也是最重要的。

Then in terms of production, the thing that’s gonna be the major challenge for us over the next six to nine months is how do we build a huge number of cars.  I mean, frankly, we are gonna be in production hell. Welcome! Welcome to production hell. That’s gonna be where we are for at least 6 months, maybe longer. But you guys know that you are veterans. You have been through this.  So I look forward to working alongside you, turning through hell, and as the thing goes, if you are going through the hell, keep going(笑声).


Just give you a sense of the size of the factory. We got the pretty car factory where we are right now is the second largest footprint building in the world. That’s gonna ultimately produce half million Model 3s and about 100,000 combined S and X vehicles. Maybe more if we can do it. I wanna give you a sense of the scale and how much has to go right. Then I think a frequent question I got asked. I noticed it’s popping up on my twitter quite a lot, “Where is my Model 3?” Sometimes it’s not phrased quite as nicely as that. Well, we are building the cars as fast as we can. We are gonna drive this ramp as hard as we possibly can. I have here a chart. If you were to have trouble falling asleep, then this chart might help you. The point is to give you a sense of how manufacturing actually works. There are 10,000 unique parts in a Model 3. These are coming from all over the world. About two thirds come from North America, and about a third from the rest of the world.


As you can see with this chart, which looks like we are being shot with ICBMs (洲际弹道导弹缩写). That is the ICBM chart actually. Safety exactly. We need a missile command. We need a missile command button. Almost anything that goes wrong anywhere in the world, if we don’t have buffer in the supply chain, we will interrupt the production process. When you have 10,000 unique items in a vehicle, any object, any one of them can slow down the production process.  The production rate will move as fastest or the slowest with the least luckiest component in the whole mix.


Then on top of that we have the giga factory. We started off with there being nothing. There was just desert. Built what it is now, it is actually now the largest battery factory in the world. When it’s done, we will produce more lithium-ion batteries than the rest of the global production combined, for one building. (欢呼)  So in fact, let’s go to the gigafactory live. So we can connect to them. Hey guys! Here are the whole bunch of people in Nevada that help make the battery pack, and the motors and the powertrain. So we got a giant factory making battery packs and powertrains, giant factory making cars and giant supply chain. All of those have to work together in cadence in order to get to an initial target of 5000 cars a week, and then hopefully by the end of next year, towards 10,000 cars a week. You are probably wondering, I won’t be able to charge my car. This is probably the second most common question I get on Twitter. “The super charger is full. What is wrong with you? You are such a huge idiot.” I am like, Sorry. Okay, we are tripling the number by the end of next year, there will be three times as many super chargers as there are today. That really will help out a lot.


Essentially you will be able to go almost anywhere, North America, Europe, Australia and many parts of Asia, and the gulf area, by the end of next year. Eventually you will be able to go anywhere on earth. Actually technically you can go anywhere on earth, because anywhere on earth where there is electricity, you can charge your car. The supercharger is just about being able to charge your car really fast.


Let’s talk about the specs for the Model 3. There are two main variances. There are the standard and the long range. The standard is gonna be 35,000 dollars for 220 mile range. It’s gonna be a fast car, the acceleration will still be well under 6 seconds mph top speed. And you can also get the long range one, which has a range of 310 miles, (欢呼) and about roughly 5 seconds 0 to 60 top speed. This is gonna be a really great car. I think we are not able to find a better car, gasoline or electric, in that price range that is anywhere near as great. All right.


So let’s head over to some cars. We have the first 30 production cars here being charged right now, right there. Hey guys. All right, so. Hey guys. Those are actual owners getting actual production cars. There are actually a total of 50 production cars that we made this month, and 20 of which will be used for engineering validation, 30 of which will be on the roads with customers. I wanna just say for those who have lined up to buy a Model 3. In some cases it’s been days outside our stores to be first on the list. I just want to let you know that really matters to us. I really care. We will do everything we possibly can to give you the car as soon as possible. So we are gonna work day and night to do right by the loyalty you are showing us. Thank you for doing that.


Just a reminder we got now 3 cars in production, there is the X, the S, and the 3. Those letters can be combined however you would like (成人笑点). It gives you a sense, if your order a Model 3 now, you will probably will get it towards the end of next year. Because the S and X are in production, if you order them now you can get them in about one or two months. I’d like to thank all the customers who own a Model S and X, and those who will buy a Model S and X, because in doing so, you make the 3 possible. The money we make with S and X all goes to building the Model 3. So thank you for doing that. Thank you our long time supporters. Thank you guys for making it. Thank you!



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